Friday, 16 November 2012

Lottery Syndicate - Infographic Time

Ever wondered how much a lottery syndicate can increase your chances of winning the lottery?

Our friends at LottoByText have kindly released a fantastic lottery infographic breaking down the ins and outs of lottery syndicates. 

It's a little UK centric but as most of our readers's are based in the UK this should be a nice bit of light entertainment to get your excited about the next EuroMillions draw.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Play Lotto & EuroMillions in Lottery Syndicate

LotterySyndicate management has become a large and exciting industry over the years. 

LottoByText heads the charge with a text-based lottery syndicate system that informs the user of their results and also offers free lines.

MatchMoreLotto, on the other hand, uses the same idea, but rather than using the mobile phone it uses standard direct debit as method of payment. While using email as the prime communication 

Let me break down MatchMoreLotto for you.

What they offer?

MatchMoreLotto offer an extensive lottery syndicate package based on Gold, Silver and Bronze Packages. 

The Bronze package kick starts your lottery syndicate partnership with MatchMoreLotto by offering you 10 lines for Wednesday's and Saturday's UK Lotto draw. You pay £2.50 the first week and £5.00 per week thereafter. 

The Gold package however really packs a punch when it comes to lottery syndicate packages. It costs £5 the first week and £10 thereafter. You get an amazing 10 lines for both the Wednesday and Saturday UK Lotto draw and also 5 lines for each Tuesday and Friday EuroMillions draw.

The Gold packages gives you the best reward for your money and the satisfaction that you're getting the best lottery syndicate deal for your well-earned cash.

Worry free!

MatchMoreLotto takes away the worry and effort associated with lottery syndicates and takes care of everything. The payment structure is clear with no hidden charges. Your results are sent direct to your email inbox so you can check if you've won on your PC, mobile or even internet ready TV

1 in 4 chance of winning!

Imagine being a lucky lottery winner like this luckycouple from Suffolk. It's difficult to fathom what you could spend with that kind of money. But playing as part of a lottery syndicate makes sure you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning the lottery. So what are you doing? Get involved before it's too late.

Also, did you know that LottoByText is a valuable lottery news source. They regularly have exclusive news regarding recent lottery winners. You can also sign up to the free trial to play the Lotto/EuroMillions on your mobile phone.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How To Get Free Lotto Lines with LottoByText

Today, we will discuss how LottoByText members can acquire even more free lotto lines. This How To Guide will break it down into three parts.

1. What!
2. How!
3. Where!

So, what are we talking about? LottoByText are a lotto results and syndicate management service that offers you, the consumer, the chance to play the Lotto/EuroMillions in a syndicate. We provide lotto results via SMS and offer 15 lines in the Lotto/Euromillions per week. If you have never used this service before please visit the LottoByText homepage.

The title of the blog suggests we are able to offer you Even More Free Lines. This is true. We can offer you this. We will explain.

For each friend you refer to LottoByText we will give you 5 free lines for the next Lotto Draw.

Your friend will also receive 5 free lines for the next Lotto/EuroMillions draw

Therefore, we are giving away 10 free lines. We say this is very generous.

To gain access to this amazing LottoByText offer you will need to share the opportunity through Facebook, Twitter or with a unique URL link that we provide. This URL is unique to your account and so we can track exactly how many of your friends sign up through you. Once your friend has clicked on your link and they sign up to the free trial we will automatically send you a text with your 5 free lotto lines. Furthermore, your friend does not have to fully subscribe to the service for your to receive your free lines.


Step 1. You will need to login to the members area.

Step 2. Access the ‘Refer a Friend’ section. Bottom right of the screen.

Step 3. Click Facebook or Twitter icon. Or use the unique URL.

More Good News!
Finally, there is one more trick up our sleeves. This offer has no cap on how many friends you refer. If you refer 5 friends you will get 25 free lotto lines for the next draw. However if you refer 25 friends to LottoByText you will receive 125 free lotto lines. Phwoaaah! That is ridiculous.

This offer is one not to be missed. We have made it as simple as possible to refer a friend to LottoByText. Get going now before it’s too late.